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Who am I?

About Sam Holloway as a game dev

I am Sam Holloway

I am Sam Holloway, a passionate 13 y/o app/game developer. I program and model in my spare time as a hobby. I have been programming since I was 9, and my first programming language was Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML for short. HTML would be one of my favourite programming languages as I can easily and promptly get started, and write a bit of code with a rather fair amount of ease.

I started app development in late-2014 with SlamuelBrowse, a lightweight speed-browser that was rather simple, but a challenge for me as I was only just learning the programming language required for the program; C#. Since then 'till early 2017 I have been updating it with new features and improvements,

Today, C# is the standard language for my applications, which is now used in game development. Game Development started in early-2017 using Unity as the engine. I use Blender to create my basic and complex models, which I have perfected my skills since I started modeling in 2015, which I import in my game. My current game in development is FunFair World, a fun fair management simulation game which has C# used for scripting.

I look forward to future events, and hope to make my simple hobbies something people all around the world can enjoy,
Sam Holloway

What am I up to now?

FunFair World - The Ultimate fun fair Experience - FunFair World is a simulation game based around a fairground on many different environments. The game is currently undergoing development.

Free HTML5 Template

The main features of this game is based around ‘Manage, Ride, Explore’. Posts are weekly and share all updates on the game..